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Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Register – United Kingdom

Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Register: United Kingdom 

Practitioners are listed below by region (alphabetical) and are available through their individual practice. Training levels completed are listed with the following abbreviations codes: Click Here
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Jack Hume-Richardson

M: 07916 306 745 E: le.jackhr@gmail.com    

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

Rebecca Matthews    Region: Backwell

M: 07921 632 753  E: info@silverbirchtherapies.co.uk    

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Brendagh O’Sullivan   Region: Bristol & North Somerset

T: 01275 394 425  M: 07951 794 125 (txt only) E: brendagh.osullivan@gmail.com    

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB Metatronic Group Healing sessions/Apprentice MH Teacher.


Claire Conway    Region: Chesham

T: 07748 156 089    E:  claire.taylor298@googlemail.com    

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA

Barbara Pamela Luna    Region: Milton Keynes and Ouse Valley  Areas: Bletchley, Woburn Sands, Woburn, Olney, Newport Pagnell, Wolverton, Stony Stratford and Towcester

M: 07803531089  E: babaluna1320@gmail.com

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/VB

Louise Page    Region: Wendover, Chilterns; – Buckinghamshire borders with Hertfordshire and Oxon.

T: 01296 696 285 E:  holisticlouise@btinternet.com    

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB/Metatronic Group Healing Sessions

Antonia Scott    Region: Beaconsfield and South Bucks 

T: 01494 674086   M: 07715 527654    E: antoniascott@btinternet.com 

Advanced Practitioner:    OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Richard Farmer

T: 01989 740 590 M: 07766 278 475 E: richard@metatronic-life.com

Advanced Practitioner/Metatronic Healing Teacher:  OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

Avril Shaw

M: 07568 564 198 E: avril.shaw56@gmail.com

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Basia Geizek

M: 07724 539 796 E:  basiagiezek13@gmail.com

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Raina Nahar

M: 07906 174 282 E:  Raina.nahar@googlemail.com 

Advanced Practitioner/Apprentice MH teacher: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/Metatronic Group Healing Sessions

Archna Shastri

E: a.shastri123@btinternet.com     

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

Jacqueline White     Locations: East London

M: +44 (0) 7786 436 114   E: hello@white-light-healing.com     

Foundation Practitioner:   OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Diana Vrencoska

M: 07950 920 035    E: dianavrencoska@gmail.com    

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

East Midlands

Diane Clements  

Region: Glen Parva, Leicestershire 

M: 07533912907  E: declements1963@outlook.com   

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GC/AS/CR/CO/MA

Anne Whitehouse PhD 

Region: Oadby, Leicestershire

M: 07779 230 859    E: anne@feminineconfidence.com    

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

West Midlands 

Suzanne Kiel   Region: Darlaston, Witchurch, Shropshire

M: 01948 841978     E: s.keil@btinternet.com   

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS


Tina Collins     Region: Desborough, Kettering

M: 07817442657     E: Twells1000@aol.com

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Clare Glennon

T: 01865 751 810    M: 07903 276 018     E: clare@metatronic-life.com

Advanced Practitioner/Metatronic Healing Teacher: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Penny Wiseman.    Region: Lichfield

T: 01543  472677    E: penny.wiseman@clara.co.uk

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR


Jane Ross-Wheatley    Region: Wells

T: 07731 937 293    

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS

Jill Goodwin    Region: Taunton, Minehead & Porlock

T: (pref): 01278 734 538 M: 07765 961 982     E: jill.goodwin@uclub.net   

Advanced Practitioner OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Emma Stiles    Region: Surrey/South London

M: 07742 072 592    E:  emmastiles@yahoo.co.uk

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Ann Jensen    Region: Salisbury & Hampshire

T: 01722 329 610   M: 07414 292428   E: annjensen53@gmail.com

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB


Gillian Goldfinch    Region: Malvern

M: 07721 512 664 E: gillian@metatronic-life.com    

Foundation Practitioner/Metatronic Healing Teacher Step (1&2) OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB 


Rachel Deadman  Region: Gillygate, York

M: 07769 930 236    E: rhdeadman@gmail.com  or contact The Zentist: T: 01904 622706  E: zentist.york@gmail.com

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA

Emel Duff     Region: York

M: 07835 410447    E: emelyoga@yahoo.co.uk

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Michael Davison    Regions: York & Wetherby  Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

M: 07810125643 E: Michaeldavison777@gmail.com

Dylan George   Region: York

M: 07841 833 956 E: info@millersyard.co.uk

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB



Anastasia Vysini

M: 0741 551 0223    E: avyssini@hotmail.com    

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

Disclaimer: Metatronic Healing® is a complementary energetic healing modality. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your doctor for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.