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Metatronic Life Pathways Map

Metatronic Life, Healing and Awakening Pathway – Visual Map

Each step class on the pathway has been anchoured in a sequence of Metatronic Attunement and Transmissions.  The steps on the pathway evolve and deepens the integration process as a whole. Every step holds a prerequisite of the previous step being taken. Steps can only be taken in this ascending order. 

The Awakening Stream can be attended after completed Step One – Foundation ‘Opening the Pathways.

After completion of Step Two – Golden Alchemy, for those who wish it, the Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Training  becomes an optional stream, which dovetails with the ascending order of the steps of the pathway. 

Please Note: To attend a Foundation ‘Opening the Pathways’ class as an Online,  offered in these current times – Sacred Ground – A Metatronic Beginning is a preliminary stage for attendance of Step One. 


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