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Metatronic Healing has a broad wingspan: it can help with many aspects of your life from the simple healing of a troublesome bodily condition right through to the far more complex challenges of uncovering your gifts and navigating your truest direction and purpose. It addresses individuals through personal sessions, and groups in their personal growth through workshops, and – through our practitioner training – healing professionals who have come to expand and deepen their skills.

1) What can I expect from a Metatronic Healing session?
2) Do I Need a Personal Healing Session or a Course?
3) How is this different from Counselling or Psychotherapy?
4) If I go for Personal Healing Sessions, How Many will I Need?
5) How is this System different from other Healing Modalities?
6) What Will a Metatronic Course Give Me?
7) What are the main reasons people come the Metatronic Healing trainings?
8) How long does the Full Training take?
9) How Do the Attunements and Transmissions Work?
10) Why Do Other People’s ‘Stories’, Moods and Behaviours Affect My Health?