Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Register: Switzerland

Metatronic Healing Practitioners are listed below by state and region alphabetically.
Practitioners are available through their own practice. Practitioner Training levels are listed with the following abbreviations: Click Here
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Isabelle Favre

Region: Valais

T: +41 (0)78 657 75 15    E: isabelle@artherapie-valais.ch

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA/VB

Roselyne Ebener

Region: Valais

T: +41 (0)79 202 88 64    E: roselyne.ebener@bluewin.ch

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO/MA

Karine Guillermin

Region: Valais

T: +41 (0)78 769 96 82    E: info@karine-therapies.ch

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/COS/MA

Corinne Finkbeiner

Region: Valais Vaud

T: (+41)  079 228 75 32    E: corinnefinkbeiner@hotmail.com

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/COS

Christine Andereggen

Region: Valais Miège

T: (+41) 787948299      E: info@cielelementerre.ch

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/COS

Aline Battiaz

Region: Valais

T: 0041 (0) 797758725    E:croquetavie@croquetavie.ch

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/COS

Veronique Mudry

Region: Valais

T: (+41)  079 605 08 67    E: vero.mudry-felley@bluewin.ch

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/COS

Régis Vuistiner

Region: Valais Central

T: (+41)  0 79/379 51 32    E:regis.vuistiner@outlook.com

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/COS

Sabine Metry

Region: Valais

T: (+41)      E:sabinemh@netplus.ch

Intermediate Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/COS

Joëlle Romailler

Region: Lausanne (Vaud)

T: (+41)      E:contact@noirarcenciel.com

Foundation Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR

Disclaimer: Metatronic Healing® is a complementary energetic healing modality. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your doctor for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.