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How is this System different from other Healing Modalities?

How is this System different from other Healing Modalities?

“Dissolving the story” is a radical concept, and the tools that Metatron has given us for putting this into practice ensure that this works at profound levels: even a single personal session with a Metatronic Healer can bring deep change in an individual’s life.

The deepest gifts are held within the Metatronic Path, which is the route by which every Metatronic Healer is trained: this full programme offers the unique combination of Metatronic Attunements working together with the divine energy Transmissions that are at the core of every workshop. The Attunement opens the door, so to speak, or adjusts the inner ‘radio station’ to receive the high frequencies of each Transmission.

The Transmissions then operate in accordance with the Spiritual (and physical) Law that higher frequencies dissolve or displace lower frequencies. The high frequencies of Love dissolve the lower frequencies hiding in our cells – in other words, the residues of trauma, shock, grief, shame, anger and all the other states that arise from the energies of fear. They bring unseen and unresolved issues from the unconscious realms to the conscious ones, enabling us to befriend our feelings of pain and separation, to integrate our experience into the wisdom of the heart, and to let go of what no longer serves us.

The Metatronic Attunements and Transmissions of Divine life force gently alter the vibrational frequency of your energy, so that you bring the light and warmth of awareness into your thoughts and your feelings – and it is these which lead to your actions. You start to activate much more of your creative potential than you have done in the past; you find the fabled ‘yellow brick road’ that leads to your heart, to true freedom and great creative power.