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Do I Need a Personal Session or a Class?

Do I Need a Personal Healing Session or a Class?

It depends on your own path, on your life goals and your choices in getting there. A personal session can be life-transforming, and its effects are often very deep and long-lasting. This is often the best initial choice, especially if you are seeking help for a particular symptom or set of symptoms. Our practitioners are trained to listen deeply, to guide you into the state of relaxation in which Divinity can most easily meet you, and to direct the frequencies most appropriate for your needs to the areas in your body or your life in which they are needed the most.

A personal session, however, is different from a class. A class is an intensive personal healing experience, offering energy restoration to your system through a process of recalibration. This restoring of the matrix is permanent, and the classes are not limited to those who wish to train as Metatronic Healing practitioners. Once they have experienced the energies and their effects through a personal session, many people choose to move into the more profound and concentrated process which is offered in the classes, which have a cumulative effect as the frequencies settle and deepen their presence within your system. And almost all class attendees benefit from the companionship and support they receive through group sharing and interaction.