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Why Do Other People’s ‘Stories’, Moods and Behaviours Affect My Health?

Why Do Other People’s ‘Stories’, Moods and Behaviours Affect My Health?

First, we are born into some kind of community (family, adopted family, social care home) and we absorb the conditioning of those around us, long before we even know what’s happening. Some of that conditioning may be good; some not so good. More deeply than this, we are all connected energetically in the wider community: the strongest of these links are with those close to us but we are also plugged into the larger fields of those who teach us, travel with us, make rules for us, employ us, and so on.

We all hold pain and old grievances, mostly generated way below our conscious minds; it is the emotions behind events and difficult experiences which often have reduced the resilience of our natural boundaries. Stress and distress create highly charged thought forms and emotions which sit in our own energy fields and flash up like invisible neon lights at those whose lives we share. When any issue we hold touches on something similar, and unprocessed, in a loved one, a friend or workmate or even a comparative stranger, it will rub up mildly or more obviously against our own issues. This blocks the internal energy flow that would create health, harmony, comfort and success, and also in the energy field or the world outside, affecting the external energy flow towards us.

In the end it’s these areas of density within ourselves – the baggage we carry that we haven’t even noticed – which dictate what will show up on our doorstep: the job, the spouse, the work, the debt, the health.

The promise of Metatronic Healing is to assist us deeply in unplugging ourselves from the roots of the stories that impact on ourselves and on others in all the many ways we find discomfort and distress: its gift is to help us find the troublesome spots, unhook them, and plug into authentic power.