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What can I expect from a Metatronic Healing session?

What Can I Expect from a Metatronic Healing Session?

The Metatronic Healing practitioner will encourage you to express the issues of current or long-term concern if you feel the need to do so. But Metatronic Healing gives less time and energy to the problem than to the frequencies which will help you to transcend it. Your practitioner will guide you into a comfortable state of relaxation, invoking Metatron’s energy to bring you into resonance with the energies of your body, where all knowledge and memory is held.

Universal Law states that higher frequencies dissolve or displace lower ones, rather like steam dissolves ice. Our emotional and psychological lives need warmth too, and high or divinely-sourced frequencies are the energies of love, whereas lower frequencies are those of fear, struggle, conflict, lack – in other words, they tend to take us into the states of contraction that prevent us from moving forward and using our fullest potential. We all hold those fear-frequencies: they are a part of the human condition. As the divine energy strands softly penetrate your energy field and your cellular consciousness, you may find yourself in a quiet place with only the most subtle awareness of the energies around you, or you may find your attention drawn to ancient blocks, those places where the core issues of your life are lodged.

The high frequencies work gently but deeply to dissolve the energy blocks, your places of emotional or spiritual or physical discomfort, and return these contracted areas to their more natural and creative state. This makes space for you to experience deep healing as you receive the new life force contained within these rays.

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