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Booking & Cancellation Policy Information

Metatronic Healing® Booking & Cancellation Policy Information

How to register and secure your place Online for Group Healing event, Metatronic Healing® Pathway Class 

To book on a Metatronic Healing course or Online Group Healing go to the ’Booking’ tab and select Online Group Healing or

Metatronic Healing Pathway Step from the drop-down menu.

For Online Group Healing Events:

Making the one-time full payment for the listed Online Group Healing will secure your place on the event. You will receive a payment confirmation email from the Metatronic Life website. Richard and Clare will automatically be notified of your booking. The full joining details will be sent from Richard directly to you via the email address you have registered with your booking.

Please Note: If you do not receive this joining details email within 12 hours of the event commencing.  Please contact richard@metatronic-life.com by email to let him know you have not received them. We will email then to you again asap to ensure you have the information you will need to attend in good time.

Metatronic Life Secure Payments Policy: 

Our secure payment gate is via PayPal – allowing you to get your order placed as quickly as possible through a provider that has over 230 million accounts in 193 countries and regions. 

Please Note: You do not need a PayPal account to make your payment.  Our secure payment gate is Paypal Pro.  You will be asked to accept the Paypal Terms & Conditions by checking this box to agree and proceed. Once you have checked this box you can opt to use a debit or credit card.

As you reach the checkout you can opt to make a payment using a PayPal account or alternatively, should you not have or wish to use a PayPal account check out either as a ‘guest’ or opt to use a credit/debit card.  You will be taken through our secure payment gate with no need to be a PayPal account holder. Just click the option ‘Pay with debit or credit card’ when it appears. 

We use the latest technology to keep your customer experience confidential and secure. Please note that Metatronic Life never obtains payment card information and your details are securely processed. We ensure that all data passed between customers and us is fully protected by using the latest security standards.

Registering for Metatronic Pathway Classes: 

By making a booking deposit payment at Metatronic Life Website, this will secure your place to attend the class. 

Once your deposit payment is completed successfully, you will receive an immediate payment confirmation email directly from Metatronic Life website. Please rest assured that your place is secured. 

The Metatronic teacher will then be notified of your booking. In due course, they will email you with the full joining details including any venue information, timings and what to bring etc.  This email will also include the details of how to pay the balance class settlement payment. The settlement payment will be due 14 days before the class start date.

Meanwhile, should you have any questions, do please contact the Metatronic teacher of the class.

For UK classes only – as an alternative to booking your place at www.metatronic-life.com, you can pay via booking deposit by cheque payable to ‘Metatronic Healing®’.  You can do this by emailing the Metatronic teacher to request a booking form.

Website Currency Conversions Information:

The Metatronic Life course price lists the fees in GBP i.e British Pounds. Our payment system will convert your currency into GBP at the current exchange rate. Please bear in mind that this may be subject to daily fluctuation.


The Metatronic Healing pathway classes are non-residential unless this otherwise listed on their booking page. Should you need to arrange accommodation for the duration, you will need to organise this for yourself. A list of some recommended student ‘tried and tested’ accommodation in the local area to the venue may be available. Please get in touch with Metatronic teacher of your class.

Metatronic Pathway Registration, Deferment and Cancellation:

  • The booking deposit is non-refundable.
  • Payment of the balance settlement fee is due within 14 days of the course commencing.  
  • Should need you need to cancel attendance due to unforeseen circumstances, by agreement with the Metatronic Teacher transfer to an equivalent class within 12 months from the date of your original booking may be possible. Please contact you Metatronic Teacher directly about this. 

Metatronic Teacher Class Cancellations:

In the rare event of a class cancellation by the Metatronic teacher, the full class fee will be refunded to the student. The student is responsible for all additional costs, such as cancellation and re-booking charges, additional travel, subsistence and accommodation costs and the like that may be incurred as a result of the cancellation.

About Metatronic Pathway Class Prerequisites:

  • The first Metatronic Healing step on the pathway ‘The Foundation: Opening the Healing Pathways’ is open to everyone.  Attendance requires no previous healing experience. 
  • After Step One, Step Two – Seven hold a prerequisite of the previous step.  The Metatronic Healing ‘pathways visual map’ illustrates a simple map of the process. 
  • The Awakening Stream is open to all Metatronic students who have completed Step One – Opening the Healing Pathways

For those who wish to take the registered Metatronic Healing® Practitioner training, there are two levels of training:

Course Fees:

Metatronic Healing Pathway: List Price 2020

Metatronic Healing Pathways: Student Repeater Discounted Rates 2020

Contact Information: