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Changing Your DNA

DNA – The Master Key

DNA – the energetic coding for life – holds the master key, or the structure on which your consciousness and physiology is formed. This spiral coding holds the record of eye colour, talent, fair skin or dark – and also of congenital disease. What is also there are the stories of poverty or wealth, victimhood or power, love or its opposite – and it constantly builds itself, through repetition, as it also builds the other molecules within the body.

This minute stuff contains the information and the histories that we pass from one generation to the next, individually and also as a species. As individuals intending to live harmonious and healthy lives, we all need to let go of what has weighed us down in the past, but at this pivotal time in our history this wider healing is also vitally necessary.

Epigenetics shows that biological systems are influenced by environmental and energetic influences: everything is subject to constant change and evolution. All kinds of environmental and energetic influences, including our own patterns of thinking and of the feeling that charges up our thinking, effectively switch our genes on and off.

While 95% of our thoughts come from the unconscious mind, but higher frequencies are received directly through the heart station, which generates a far stronger electromagnetic field than the brain. The heart activation that Metatron facilitates brings information from unconscious to conscious levels: through its energies and healing techniques, this system thus puts us into the driving seat of our lives, connecting us with the Divine Power we’ve forgotten.

Activating the Blueprint

The higher the frequency of light-energy or life-force, the more deeply it can penetrate, so the high frequencies of Metatronic energy activate the latent, hidden potential within the DNA – that life conductor, that super-conductor of current which transmits electricity like a tightly coiled wire.

DNA is the blueprint of life: as long as most of it remains dormant and its older programming remains unchallenged, our potential power remains untapped, but as it becomes activated, we can release more of ourselves. So far, only 3 DNA strands have been active in us: our potential is  much greater – and every Metatronic transmission brings more of the higher-dimensional codes of information into our energy systems. Our DNA is activated, one transmission at a time.

Ultimately, our human goal is to create ideal physical bodies, resist disease, reverse the ageing process, expand our creativity, gain access to our subconscious minds; we can also tap much more deeply into the clairvoyance and other intuitive capacities that could connect us dynamically not only to one another but to other realms. We can live lives free of soap opera but fully involved in the true drama – the miracle of life itself.