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Caring for Others

The Nurses of the Future

At this time of such vast and widespread change in the world we have known, there is a sense in which we are all becoming nurses – or perhaps spiritual midwives – for one another. The old feelings of separation are dissolving as we return to the understanding that we truly are all one, and as we live according to the ‘Golden Rule’ of “doing unto others as we would have them do unto us”, we discover that we are all walking each other Home. What is more, we discover that every time we take another step away from fear and back to Love, the vibration of the whole Planet shifts with us. Each of us makes the journey in our own unique way, each contributing to the wisdom of the entire Universe and restoring the wholeness of peace, and Metatronic Healing is a radical and wonderful ally on our path.


“84-year-old Patient, so Frightened … and then the Peacefulness of her Death”

“After the Foundation Course, I was with an 84-year-old patient who was frightened, finding it hard to die. She could no longer speak so I held her hand as I asked her if she would like angelic help in her journey. She squeezed my hand continually as I spoke to her, bringing through Metatron’s energy as I did so. The Charge Nurse later expressed amazement at the way this patient had moved into calm after the half-hour that I had spent with her, and then the peacefulness of her death three days later, thanking me for what ‘I’ had done.” Murielle de P, Nurse.


“Immediate Accessibility to What is Needed”

“What surprised me, in sessions given to friends 10 days ago and this afternoon, was the immediate accessibility to what was needed and the short time in which resolution occurred. Friends equally surprised; both trained and experienced counsellors.” Paddy Yorkstone – Counsellor & Healer, Salisbury


“I am Completely in Awe of what Metatronic Healing Can Achieve”

“Having been practising Metatronic Healing for over two years now, I want to say how truly amazing this healing method has been, both for my clients and myself. It has enhanced what I can help my clients achieve and has greatly speeded up the process of releasing the deep-seated emotions for which my clients come to see me. The normal methods of psychotherapy can take months, if not years, to help a client let go of their old repressed issues but with Metatronic Healing the process takes weeks. I have seen fast release, and sometimes in one session, of depression and anxiety, grief and sadness, anger and hatred, guilt and fear, lack of confidence and worthlessness, to name a few of the negative emotions, and watch the clients change miraculously. I am completely in awe of what Metatronic Healing can achieve. If this is full of superlatives, it is because I cannot find any other way to describe what is happening.”  Jean W – Psychotherapist, UK.


“I LOVE this…”

“I just did a client session with great results, she wrote to me afterwards: I have to give you an update in case I forget how it feels. The base of my skull and neck have been feeling very loose, warm, I am aware of how relaxed the neck is. I am holding my head normally, straight instead of with chin up, so my head wants to fall foward, it is a good feeling. I’m aware of the soles of my feet in contact with the shoes, of the shoes in contact with the ground. My upper back and legs feel looser. Thank you. Ali.

“And another one, more great results: lots of heat that went past her feet (to ground), movement in lower back, less pain … when she got off the table, her posture was upright and she walked as if she were floating. I LOVE this…”  Mary P, Reiki Practitioner, VA.


“Thank you for Restoring my Mother’s Face!”

“My mother’s face was so swollen; her eye so puffed and sore it wouldn’t open, her tooth in excruciating pain. Fifteen minutes of Metatronic work and we watched her face return to normal shape, her eye opened, the pain abated. What just happened? This is truly miraculous healing – thank you so much!” Irene J, VA


“This is Phenomenal”

“I’ve had some amazing results since using the energies from the Crystal Radiance course. I always measure the stress/wellbeing of my clients before and after treatments using my radiesthesia chart. When I was using just Reiki, they would get to about +400 after a session. After I did Metatronic Foundation, the readings after a healing session were up to +1000. After the Intermediate course, my clients were getting up to +2000 after a session, and now with the crystalline energies, clients are between +4000 and +10,000. This is phenomenal.”  Dr Anne W  – Leicester


“Metatronic Healing has Enhanced my Work by Several Gears”

“I have been working as a complementary therapist and healer for many years and Metatron training has enhanced my work by several gears. Metatron rocks!” Marii D – Spiritual Healer, London


“Swift, Deep and Most of All Freeing”

“I can tell you Metatronic Healing is something else. It does what it says on the packet. It’s a way of working with people that seems to complete something we didn’t even know we were missing … The depth of clearing experienced by those on the course and the beauty and power of the ‘transmissions’ from the energies was profound. For myself and for the clients I’ve worked with I’ve found it to be swift, deep and most of all a true freedom technique.” Korani – Colour Healer, Reconnective Therapist – UK