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Pippa’s Books 

Pippa’s three books have all been written at great speed between classes and flights, but carry the frequencies of Metatron in some measure all the same.

Harps of Gold is just as enjoyable for the Metatronic Healing student or client as for the general reader. Written around halfway through the time while the system was being received and being formed, it describes the work in process. Pippa’s book still to come forth...

harps cover“Pippa Merivale writes with heart, intellect and poetic eloquence. She weaves the symbolism and melodic vibration of Harps of Gold, a Christmas Carol phrase through her book. A one of a kind author, Pippa gifts us with her expansive knowing and experience as a healer, blending advanced science, spirituality and mysticism into an easily understandable book on Metatronic Healing. Pippa’s writings have been a great help to me in reframing ideas, feelings and spirituality for deep inner healing. This book is a must for healers and those interested in a pilgrimage of health.” Rebecca Hardcastle, Amazon.com

This book explores some of the energies behind the system, some of the foundation stones on which it is philosophically based – and gives you a felt sense of how powerfully it works in practice.


Rescued by Angels is an autobiographical account of how the work was conceived and birthed – step by step and through a roller-coaster of disasters and miracles. It’s a page-turner, very easy to read.

“There are a lot of spiritual books out there and many trot out the same old, same old. However, this book was gripping from start to finish and I read it in one sitting – it was that good. Woven into the story are many spiritual messages which you can choose to chew over or ignore and just enjoy the fantastic story. You won’t regret buying this book. It would make a fabulous film…” Blue Dog Girl, Amazon.co.uk.

wizdom_of_ozThe Wizdom of Oz  is one of Pippa’s earlier books. This is a light-hearted and easy read – aimed at college leavers, beginners on the “spiritual path” or anyone even mildly interested in healing and metaphysics with just an hour or two to spare. It takes you and maybe your friends to the heart of the Emerald City for a spot of low-key enlightenment.

The classic children’s story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, cemented into our cells by the 1940s movie, is one of those fairy tales whose profound truths transcend all time and all cultures, as the profound search for ‘Home’ continues to inform and fuel the journey of every human seeker.

Unusually for a fairy tale, it’s also colour-coded; so some of its spiritual messages are beautifully easy to decipher.