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It’s good to be clear

It’s good to be clear

One of the problems that I continue to look at both on your behalf as well as my own is, why does the healing or the interaction with Metatron seem more efficient and direct sometimes than other times?

The answer seems to be around two things; what the relationship is that I have with Metatron,  and, how clear I am in what I am intending.

So firstly, in order for the communication to be good, we need to have a real relationship with Metatron.  Not one based on expectations, idealism, or fantasy even, but one based in the heart, directly with the experience we have.  When we are asking for a healing from say a mental picture of Metatron, something will happen because we have asked, but the link, because it’s simply mental, won’t be as deep as it potentially could be.

This is the reason we ask you to turn towards your heart centre to make the bridge with Metatron.  In your heart is your source, and your source is part of The Source and Metatron is part of that.  Literally put your attention in the centre of your chest.  Or feel for where “home” is in your heart.  Or, where the clearest, truest, felt part of your essence is.  That’s the doorway and when you feel your essence, you will also be connected to Metatron.  Turn without expectation and notice what happens.  Let it happen as it is.  Something comes to you and subtly or not so subtly, the relationship and your confidence in it is strengthened.

For me, I like the idea of Metatron as family.  My elder spiritual sibling.  There is no closer tie than blood whether I like my family or not and in its best sense, the older sibling is looking out for me and knows me.  We come from the same family.  When I turn towards my heart with the idea and sense of connecting to family and connecting to source, it usually results in a very real relationship.  Sometimes it’s just a few seconds, it’s a heart hello, I see you, here we are, welcome and, who needs more?  Sometimes it’s longer.  What is important is that an engaged connection is made.

So with this real relationship, based on experience rather than an idea, I turn and ask for a healing or sometimes I have a question or contemplation that I am sitting with and I want to have a sense about it from Metatron.  What I notice is if I ask Metatron to help me run Cool Fire and I have no understanding in me of what that is, it can be flowing  – but because I am not engaged, I don’t recognize it.  I can be being given an answer, but because I am not really engaged with the question or not listening, I don’t hear it.

So the second aspect in creating a clear bridge and efficient healing tool is to have some idea what it is I am asking for.  If its Cool Fire, for example, I need to have some understanding of what that is, so I can recognize it.  Cool fire has an effect on us, amongst other things, like snow when it is falling, everything becomes more quiet, simple, and soft.  It has this effect on our energy, it simplifies, smooths and softness. This is where reading the notes you made as your teacher introduced you to the transmissions helps to build up your knowing.  As does giving yourself time to experience the healing tool clearly from a neutral space as we talked above.

We can of course just use a general, “Metatron do what you can here” but because it is handing over to Metatron, it’s difficult to know what is happening, or where.  It is why when we are going to offer Metatronic Healing to another, we take some time to get an understanding of what the problem is before we give the healing.  There is an understanding of the problem, say the person is in shock, and an understanding of Cool Fire releases shock with its divine simplicity.  Then, using our relationship with Metatron, we are the bridge that allows the healing to flow through to them.

It’s the same with Lifting the Story.  Recently my understanding and feeling of a problem, that I carry, got really clear.  It became so because of two things, previous work with Metatron on this problem, creating more space in me to see, and, by becoming more aware and present with it.  As a result of this clarity, when I asked for a Lifting of the Story, it was immediate, highly efficient and quick.  When I have asked before from a vague idea about it, it worked, as in a layer lifted, but not the whole thing gone.  This has led me to really understand the use of not only the relationship with Metatron but the clarity of what I am asking to be lifted.

Now it’s not always possible to be that clear straight away.  In fact, it takes a while to be clear enough and to be there enough to know it is something that can be lifted.  But we have to start somewhere!

The completely awesome thing is that Metatron and the healing tools are there even if we are not.  To know this and then reach out through the heart, is to make Metatronic Healing real.  It is what it’s here for, for you to make the connection with Metatron real and through that, to bridge in the healing energies so that not only you but all of us can be freer.

I urge you, where ever you see we are running Deepening days or events for Metatronic students, to come.  I urge you to take the opportunity to repeat the courses as without exception the experience is of a deepening understanding of Metatronic Healing and a deepening relationship with and of Metatron.  This is the reason why we offer discounts to Metatronic Students who want to repeat classes, and of course, we love having you there!

With these two qualities and understandings, the way we can benefit and give Metatronic Healing is truly enhanced.

See you soon,