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Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past

Healing the Past: Ancestral Songlines

This potent 5-day course brings together the themes of the shadow, family dynamics and karma to lead you deeper into the hidden resources of your lineage, your DNA, your past and your future, coming together in the potent “now” that gives you back to yourself. Subtle, deep-acting crystal frequencies work into your emotional body, the part of your consciousness where the hardest-set pains are held, but you are safely held as even your DNA undergoes gentle but powerful energetic shifts. The frequencies draw deeply on the knowledge you have brought in with you and the experience you have integrated or suppressed, to activate the latent, untapped potential that lies at the heart of your soul and cells. For ease and clarity, the course is divided into several areas of emphasis, though all these aspects of your being come from the same deep pool:

Interpersonal Dynamics, Shadow Work

Interpersonal dynamics flow from your relationship with yourself. We all feel undeserving, inadequate, so we suppress most of what we are in favour of the persona that we erect in order to feel safe, and then spend a lot of energy hiding our truth from ourselves and others to keep that persona inn place: this is like forcing down the lid on a box which not only contains things that rot in the dark (pain and dis-ease) but also holds gifts and talents that you have not yet even spotted. Metatronic work enables you to find the parts of yourself that have hidden themselves away because they feel judged, and to befriend and clear them. This makes space for many hidden parts of yourself to emerge clear and strong. As the outer and the inner harmonise, relationships, health and life purpose flow smoothly into place. Shadow work clears the imprint of your deepest and most concealed wounds to reveal their hidden blessings, and enables you to embrace your unseen light.

Family Tree, Family DynAncestral Songlines 7 -amics

The family is the microcosm of the macrocosm; it’s the practice ground for life; it’s the place where we focus our deepest resentments and our greatest loves. Our bloodlines hold the legacy of our DNA, so the beliefs and experiences of our ancestors are handed down to us, wholesale, through our genetic inheritance – families and whole countries pass down talents and strengths, but also weaknesses, conflicts, resentments and griefs, along with hosts of physical vulnerabilities. These lie hidden in the genes, calling the shots about our health, our sense of direction and purpose, our deepest beliefs about ourselves – until we come to see that they can all be changed. Metatronic Family Tree work brings about ancestral healing as well as purifying the bloodline for the future; and Family Dynamics work offers powerful emotional healing within the existing family, resolving long-standing karmic issues between partners and spouses, parents and children, siblings – and by extension, friends and associates at work.

Karmic Clearance

The message from Metatron which seeded the system was the radical statement that at some level the past could be changed, so a core aspect of Metatronic work has to do with karmic clearance: the less of your own karmic story that remains in your system, the deeper the place in consciousness from which your responses and decisions arise. This in turn brings you into greater stillness, presence and power. The intensive energies of this course take you deep into self-awareness and clarity, in a context where you are safely held as you share your process with trusted Metatronic students.

This course is available to all who have successfully completed the Intermediate Course: Golden Alchemy, and completion of the the Ancestral Songlines is a pre-requisite for attendance on the Advanced Course: Crystal Radiance

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