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Advanced Practitioner – Course Details

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The Advanced Metatronic Healing® Practitioner Training 

The Metatronic Teaching Teams understanding continues to evolve and grow.  One of these insights is the development of the Metatronic Bridge, which enables Metatron and the Metatronic Team to be used much more effectively. 

With Metatron’s promise to “Lift the Story” and with the abundance of healing energies at the Practitioners disposal,  Metatronic Healing is second to none at dealing with the cause, the root cause of most problems.  The Advanced Practitioner course brings the tools to work with the condition or outward symptom of a problem.

It does this by clarifying and meeting the three criteria needed for any healing to be successful.  The first, that there is enough energy in the system to carry out any healing work done.  The second, to deal with the cause of the problem at its root.  The third is to tackle the symptom itself.

In addition to this, combination Transmissions of herb and spice templates are given in support of the healing process,  as well as focused healing protocols to support common and complex systemic problems which present in a healing practice.

Time is given to practice and explore these new protocols and systems along with time to answer questions which arise out of the experience as a Metatronic Healing Practitioners.

Finally, there are the new Advanced Practitioner Attunements and Transmissions taking you to a deeper level.