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Advanced Practitioner Details

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Level 2 The Advanced Metatronic Healing Practitioner Training


The Metatronic Teaching Teams understanding continues to evolve and grow, as you have seen.  One of these insights is the development of the Metatronic Bridge that enables Metatron and the Metatronic Team to be used more effectively.

With Metatron’s promise to “Lift the Story” and with the abundance of healing energies at our disposal we know that Metatronic Healing is second to none at dealing with the cause, the root cause of most problems.  This course brings the tools to work with the condition or outward symptom of a problem.

It will do this by clarifying and meeting the three criteria needed for any healing to be successful.  The first is that there is enough energy in the system to carry any healing work done.  The second is to deal with the cause of the problem at its root.  The third is to tackle the symptom itself.

In addition, some combinations of herbs and spices to help the process of healing.  This is something which will be added to in time as we develop our understanding and work with Metatron to bring into the course structure more transmissions to help a few common problems.

There will be lots of time to practice and work with these new systems along with time to answer questions which arise out of your experiences as a Metatronic Practitioner.

Finally, there are the new Advanced Practitioner Attunements to take you to a deeper level.

A word about becoming a Metatronic Teacher

This question does arises from time to time so just to clarify this here.

Unlike some healing traditions it might be helpful to outline that there is not a specific accredited training to become a teacher. It is a very specialised path and there are currently just 3 full-fledged Metatronic Healing teachers worldwide.

So what is required?

  • First and foremost a deep resonance with Metatron coupled with the innate qualities and energetic capacity which is required to hold and facilitate the Metatronic Healing courses.
  • A mature understanding of the transformative nature of awakening that Metatronic Healing represents.
  • A natural support of this healing and awakening path and the organisation of Metatronic Life, in order to enable and promote the Metatronic Healing courses.
  • If the above are met, then the continued energetic development, personal growth and shadowing of teachers are natural stages in this process until such time as the Founder and the core Metatronic Healing Teachers understand you are ready to take the teacher Attunement and Transmission and take this dedicated path.