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A Walk with the Masters

Course 6: A Walk with the Masters

What is this course about?

In six days of immersion in the high-frequency field of Masters, Angels and Saints, you will be introduced to the Council of Twelve – a group of Beings who guard and guide the work of Metatronic Healing. This will bring deepening opportunities to claim the gifts gathered on your path and to come to a more realised sense of your essential divinity, as well as the plan and the purpose in your personal journey.

Magic and Mystery of the 12

The number 12 recurs throughout the natural world, and through myth and through scripture; this is reflected also in the templates of our bodies and energy systems. We have 12 chakras, for instance, and 12 strands of DNA, but as long as our chakric doors remain half-closed and three-quarters of our DNA remains dormant, much of our potential power remains untapped; as the doors open and we awaken, we release more of ourselves – to create strong bodies, resist ageing, expand our creativity and know ourselves. You may sense in this course the stirring of this deeper activation as the effects of the 12 bring a growing sense of fullness, of symmetry and completion.

Christ Consciousness and the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

This is an exciting level of the Metatronic journey, whose seeding came from The Cosmic Christ and whose ultimate goal is to lead us into Christ consciousness, the challenge and also the gift of the Aquarian Age. We have seen on the inner planes that the gift of the Metatronic Transmissions is to support this process energetically, by neutralising fear through delivering its opposite: the frequencies of Divine love.

As the Divine Feminine Force, represented in the energies of the Goddess Tara, Lady Nada, Mary Magdalen, Anna the Grandmother of Jesus and others, works hand in hand with the Divine Masculine Force, familiar to us in the figures of historical figures such as El Morya, St Germain, Serapis Bey, Joseph of Arimathea, find a deepening balance between the polarities within your being. Amplifying the powers of communication – with ourselves and one another, and also with the wisdom, the love and the vast forces held in other realms.

This makes for the truest and deepest com-munion – transformation in an atmosphere of friendship and love. The Council of Twelve, from the most ancient and distant of Masters to the more intimate and immediate presence of the Essenes, bring a profound, life-enhancing experience for everyone involved.

Student Testamonials:

“It became clear during the week that not only are the Divine and the masters’ energies intimately available to us but also that the individual free will is part of the universal law of grace. It is for each person to make the choice of what to experience, share and become. Much love and gratitude for the week with you and the masters, it all landed on just the right place at the perfect time, inspiring, supporting and opening the space for the next period. Much joy and blessings.” Zoya U

“Thank you with all my heart for this magical and unforgettable week. Thanks for the beauty and meaning of your  work, integrity and own manner of unfolding mystery with mastery…”   Dolores T.

“Words seem so inadequate, mundane even, and I struggle to express my heartfelt thanks to you for effecting the Walk with the Masters, it was the most wonderful week. New Year, New Moon, new beginnings – I shall welcome it all in!”  Vanessa S.

“Thank you so much again for last week it was truly wonderful. I have never known energy quite like it and can still feel it working through my system and its so strong!  This is truly amazing. I can’t really describe it. So much seemed to happen in all the transmissions and I’m sure I’m only just beginning to feel their real effects!”  Stella J.