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Metatronic Healing® Practitioners Register: Slovakia

Practitioners are listed below by region (alphabetical) and are available through their own practice. Training levels completed are listed with the following abbreviations:

OP – Foundation: Opening the Pathways GA – Intermediate: Golden Alchemy AS – Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past CR – Advanced: Crystal Radiance CO – Cosmic: Music of the Spheres MA – A Walk with the Masters VB Sacred Senses: The Vitruvian Bridge

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Tatiana Rybianska

E: tatiana.rybianska@gmail.com T: 00421 904 985 943

Advanced Practitioner: OP/GA/AS/CR/CO

Disclaimer: Metatronic Healing® is a complementary energetic healing modality. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your doctor for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.