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Full 33-Day Healing Programme

Full 33-Day Healing Programme

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED, but you may still apply for the 2nd and/or 3rd Segment:

2) Healing Relationship

3) Creating Miracle Consciousness

The full programme – beginning 12th February – offers 3 Segments, of 11 days each, together creating a 33-day programme to heal the issues around Lack, and Relationship, and to create Miracle Consciousness. You may sign up for just one Segment if you wish, but you will receive the most powerful benefits of this initiative through the full 3 x 11-day Prayer & Healing Programme.

Each daily 33-minute Session has three components:Become-a-Friend-2

  1. 11 minutes harnessing Metatronic frequencies to work deeply into long-standing survival issues, Clearing Old Imprints. Metatronic frequencies are drawn from a wide spectrum and will be different each day.
  2. 11 minutes Recalibration & Reprogramming, as Metatronic frequencies carrying new and empowering beliefs are directed through the channels and communication networks of your body and energy system.
  3. 11 minutes Integration & Blessing, setting and amplifying the new imprints through your consciousness.

Segment One (11 days): Healing of Lack.

  1. DNA Survival Imprints.
  2. Erasing Spiritual Poverty Beliefs.Ancestral Songlines 7 -
  3. Need & Greed.
  4. Wealth & Self-Worth.
  5. Healing Envy.
  6. Giving & Receiving.
  7. Trust/Untrust Imprints.
  8. Power & Freedom.
  9. Freeing your Voice.
  10. Clearance of Confusion in Goal-setting.
  11. Money & Prosperity.

Segment Two (11 days): Healing of Relationship.

  1. Survival & Sex
  2. Money in Relationship.DNA-Crystal-
  3. Victim Imprints.
  4. Dependency Imprints.
  5. Self-Worth & Autonomy.
  6. Power & Control.
  7. Moving Outside Love to Inside Love.
  8. The Heart & Honouring the Self.
  9. Embodying your Truth.
  10. Male/Female Balance.
  11. Embodying your Higher Self.

Segment 3 (11 Days): Miracle Consciousness

  1. Stilling the Mind.
  2. Dissolving Obstacles.Deep Heart's Core low-res
  3. Clearing Unbelief.
  4. Opening the Spaces (cellular).
  5. Growing the Receptive Vessel.
  6. Expanding the Imagination.
  7. Manifestation Imprints.
  8. Lighting the Relationship Network.
  9. Increasing Energy Flow.
  10. Stamina & Joy.
  11. Faith & Success.