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Who is Metatron?

Angel of Divine Presence

Metatron has frequently been described as the Being huge enough to bridge heaven and earth. He is also described as the Angel of God’s Presence – and as he works with us, a deep part of his gift is in teaching us to be present, awake, in our lives. Archangelic energies are too vast to comprehend with our minds: as we open ourselves to the energies of this great Being, it is with our hearts that we come to a deepening understanding of his qualities, as his work bridges us more deeply into the true knowing of ourselves.

Sacred Geometry

Metatron has been perceived by mystics and visionaries through the ages as the fount of the sacred geometrical forms that form the blueprint for physical life forms. He is seen as the bridge between the worlds of pure spirit and those of matter. If we understand this concept in the language, which sees all energy in the Universe on a kind of sliding scale, from pure, invisible energy at one end and the densest materials on the other. We can therefore understand Metatron as the divine agent who steps energy down from the realms of pure consciousness to become matter; or more precisely the light that creates matter. Unlike most angels and archangels,Flower Petal -1 Metatron’s name does not finish with ‘el’ – but ‘tron’, which means instrument, or device; and the prefix ‘meta’ expands whatever concept it is linked with, as in meta-physics, or meta-morphosis. The divine gifts of Metatron, the tools of Light that he brings, enable us to surpass ourselves.

The Tree of Life

In the Jewish mystical tradition, Metatron is Ruler of the Tree of Life, the most ancient map of consciousness that we know about. His work in creating the Light that forms our worlds is the task of folding down energies, translating them through the dimensions into what we know as form. Thus he both ushers in the forces of life from the higher dimensions and guides us on our return journey to wholeness, or Paradise. The spheres in the Tree of Life represent different worlds, or parallel realities: as we bring about profound change in our awareness and understanding, in other words as we let go of old and worn-out ‘stories’ or versions of the truth, the potential is there for us to step into a different reality: ones of peace and abundance and love, in which our joy and creativity can be expressed.  As we receive more and more of the light that Metatron is offering us, we allow in more of the deepest good in the cosmos.

Enoch the Scribe

Legends tell us that Metatron led a series of physical lives culminating in his embodiment as Enoch the Scribe who, after a faultless life on earth, was taken straight to heaven to continue his job at God’s right hand. They suggest he is one of the few angels who have experienced human life, rising since to heights of love and power and wisdom beyond our present understanding, but he is also described as the Archangel ‘permitted to look God straight in the eye’. Like Metatron, we too are growing, we’re evolving, we’re learning to be good ‘scribes’ as we translate the energy gifted to us from Heaven into the lives that we create on Earth. We can follow the example of this great ‘older brother’, to sit one day among the highest frequencies of Divine Love, or ‘look God straight in the eye’ without instant combustion.

Our experience in working with the energies of Metatron is of a real, tangible and very loving presence; most clients or students feel the energies in the Transmissions and treatments. The majority of people are comfortable with the concept or the palpable presence of Beings or messengers from other levels and dimensions in the Universe, but if you prefer to think in terms of Science, the concept of vibrations within a unified field of consciousness may feel more familiar. In a world where all is energy of one quality or another, both descriptions are true.

Our concepts are just ways of attempting to make sense of ideas and phenomena in a polarized world, but our destiny is to move beyond separation into the reality of our Oneness, and in this the Archangels are our greatest teachers and allies.