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Who is Metatron?

One part of the answer to this question is that He is our older brother, our role model leading us toward what we may become - because legend tells us that Metatron once led a physical life as Enoch the Scribe, who led a faultless life on earth and ascended straight to heaven to continue his job at God's right hand: so he is one of the few angels who are said to have experienced human life, and have since risen to heights of love and power and wisdom that are probably beyond our wildest imaginings in our present state of consciousness.

But we are growing, we're evolving; and here is the whole point! Metatron is described as the Archangel who is bright enough to look God straight in the eye: one day, then, we too shall be able to sit among the highest frequencies without full spontaneous combustion. Other legends say that Metatron was the angel who led the Israelites out of Egypt and into safety; once we tune into his energies, the guidance we receive is awesome.

Metatron has been described as huge enough to bridge heaven and earth. He is often described as the Angel of God's Presence - and indeed one of his great gifts is to help us in mastering time, which comes down to helping us to be present. Really.

Metatron is beyond angelic, beyond even archangelic; and the prefix 'meta' expands a concept: in metaphysical we transcend the physical, in metamorphosis we move beyond the limits of one form - caterpillar to butterfly-fashion. 'Tron' means instrument, or device. As Metatron has also been seen and felt by many to be, in the words of J.J. Hurtak ("The Keys of Enoch") the 'creator of light in the outer universe', so this Being can be seen as providing divine tools of light, which enable us to surpass ourselves.

If he is Ruler of that map of consciousness itself, the Tree of Life, then He guides us on our return journey to wholeness, or Paradise. The spheres in the Tree of Life represent different worlds, or parallel realities: as we bring about profound change in our awareness and understanding, as we let go of old and worn-out 'stories' or versions of the truth, the potential is there for us to step into a different reality: one of abundance and love, in which our joy and creativity can be expressed.  As we receive more and more of the light that Metatron is offering us, we allow in more and more of the deepest good in the cosmos.

Some people think comfortably in terms of Angelic or Divine energies; they perceive that there are Beings, or spiritual energies, or messengers from some of the vast numbers of other dimensions that exist in the Universe, and that these Beings are available to us in a palpable way. This is our experience in working with the energies of Metatron: a real, tangible and very loving presence is felt within the room and dramatically in the process of the Transmissions and when giving client sessions. Other people prefer to think in terms of Science; they may be more comfortable with the concept of vibrations within a unified field of consciousness. Both are true. In the end, our concepts are just ways of attempting to make sense of ideas and phenomena in a polarized world; but our destiny is to move beyond separation.

And in this, the Archangels are our greatest teachers and allies.

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